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Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger


Company Overview
As one of the world’s leading premium lifestyle brands, Tommy
Hilfiger delivers superior styling, quality and value to
consumers worldwide. The brand celebrates
the essence of Classic American Cool
and provides a refreshing twist to
classic, American fashion.
Since 1985, the Tommy Hilfiger Group has become a €3 b
illion worldwide apparel and retail company by offering
consumers a breadth of beautifully designed, high quality pr
oducts including men’s, women’s and children’s apparel,
sportswear, denim, and a range of licensed products such
as accessories, fragrances and home furnishings.
The company has expanded its reach worldwide through a sele
ct network of global distribution for its core brands
including Tommy Hilfiger, Hilf
iger Denim and Hilfiger Sport. These offe
rings are supported by a highly regarded
management team and a well-balanced business which is
diversified across carefully
controlled geography and
distribution channels.
Under the leadership of Founder Tommy H
ilfiger and Chief Executive Officer Fred Gehring, the brand can be found in
leading department and specialty stores, as
well as in its own expanding network of
freestanding retail
stores around the
globe. The Company currently distributes its products in
over 65 countries, including No
rth America, Europe, Central
and South America and Asia Pacific, and
operates over 900 retail stores around
the world. In fall 2008, Macy’s became
the first department store in the U.S. to carry Tommy Hilfig
er men’s and women’s sportswear
exclusively. In fall 2009,
the brand will mark a homecoming when it opens its global
flagship on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in New York City
(home to the first U.S. Hilfiger specialty store in 1985).
Since its debut in 1985 as a menswear line, the Tommy H
ilfiger brand has extended its powerful design philosophy
across a growing number of product categories. In 1996,
the Company launched its wo
menswear division, making
Tommy Hilfiger one of the few menswear designers to find
success in the women’s category. These uniquely designed
product lines have allowed the brand to expand to reach new
customers of varying races, backgrounds and nationalities,
all with a taste for classic Am
erican style with a twist.
In 2006, working in tandem with the management team led by
CEO Fred Gehring, Apax Partners took Tommy Hilfiger
private. The Company has since thrived under the business
direction of CEO Fred Gehring, while Tommy Hilfiger
remains the Company’s Principal Designer and provides leadersh
ip and direction for all aspects of the design process.

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