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Lee / Wrangler

Lee / Wrangler

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Branch: Fashion, Shoes and leather accessories

Lee and Wrangler are the undisputed legends in the world of denim. The latest lines of clothing are targeted at young people who seek to create their own individual style. Wrangler’s autumn/winter 2010 collection shows many signs of inspiration drawn from the traditions of the Wild West and also some features typical for the motorcycle culture. The main theme of Wrangler’s autumn collection for 2010 is a journey that is a celebration of vast open spaces which are the symbol of American freedom. Starting from the streets of Los Angeles, where slightly used and vintage clothes reflect the easy lifestyle, a motorcycle trip leads through American wilderness, deserts and mountains. It ends at a racetrack where it becomes necessary to change into “working” clothes in order to clean the dust-covered machine. Customers visiting our shop can expect to find not only splendid collections of Lee and Wrangler clothes but also an original interior designed with these two brands in mind. The interior decoration designers have applied such materials as wood, steel and stones – which are used in the process of washing denim, as well as copper – which is used for making buttons and rivets.

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