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Branch: Health and Beauty

Douglas is a leading chain of over 1,000 luxury perfumeries, present in Europe and the United States. These perfumeries offer “something more” than just the sale of cosmetics, creating the so-called life style understood as a wide range of services and advantages for the customer. The Douglas perfumeries operating in Poland are known for exceptionally large selection of world and domestically produced care cosmetics, as well as make-up products and fragrances. Another feature that distinguishes the Douglas chain of perfumeries on the Polish market is the high quality of customer service. In the Douglas perfumeries, both in Poland and around the world, customers can count on professional service and free advice concerning cosmetics and make-up products, provided by well-trained personnel. The Douglas perfumeries are the organizer of numerous “beauty style” events such as make-up schools or exclusive VIP evenings during which the latest trends and novelties from the world of cosmetics are presented. The regular customers of the Douglas perfumeries are always kept informed about new products and major developments in the cosmetics industry. Every article purchased in a Douglas perfumery is  – at the customer’s request – being elegantly packed in the unique Douglas style. Every buyer is also certain to receive free samples of the products on offer.

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